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As you may have heard, the Library underwent some updates to our catalog system in late June and early July. Since then, we’ve been working hard to make up for lost time and get new items added to the system for your use, while also adapting to the new software. While not much has changed from the patron end of the catalog, there are a lot of new features and operations on the back-end that the staff are constantly learning and experimenting with in order to deliver optimum service.

One such feature is the lists seen on the main page of the catalog. When you arrive on the main page of the catalog, be sure to pay attention to these tabs below the search bar. Clicking one of the tabs will display a scrolling list of featured titles related to the list’s name. These scrolling titles will promote new additions to the collection, as well as samplings of current displays in the Library, such as awareness months, special events, and Revolutionary anniversaries. Our current display showcases titles for Native American Heritage Month. Be sure to give it a look as we will be updating it regularly!