SAR Genealogical Research Library & Preservation Station

809 West Main Street Louisville, Kentucky 40202 Phone: (502) 589-1776


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Monday through Friday: 9:30 AM – 4:30 PM

3rd Saturday of the month: 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM

+ Bonus Saturdays during SAR Leadership (Spring & Fall): 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM (See our Events page for more details.)

*In cases of inclement weather, the library and headquarters follow the same schedule as the Jefferson County Public School System.


Admission is $5 per day for the general public.
Admission is Free for SAR, spouses of SAR, DAR, C.A.R., SR, LGS (Louisville Genealogial Society) members and Friends of the SAR Library (FOL)


Metered street parking is available as well as nearby paid lots such as the Frazier History Museum, Kentucky Science Center, and 8th Street Garage.

Visitation Rules & Guidelines (Scroll to the bottom for information about our new Preservation Station!):

  • Library guests may bring a tablet, unbound research notes, and one three-ring binder or one non-manila file folder. You may use paperclips and binder clips to contain loose papers. Expandable files, manila envelopes, pocket folders, portfolios, and loose-leaf folders (with brads) are not permitted.
  • Library guests must use pencils only. Ink pens and highlighters are prohibited in the Library.
  • Bags, purses, briefcases, etc., should be stored outside of the Library. Lockers are available for your convenience in the lobby reception area.
  • Self-service photocopiers are available for making copies from books. Printers are also available to print pages from internet sites and/or microfilm machines. All copies/printed sheets are $.25 each.
  • Personal copiers and/or scanners are not permitted. Phone and digital cameras are allowed during research with flash turned off. Tripods or other stabilizing equipment are not permitted.
  • Personal flash drives are NOT permitted when using our equipment. You will need to store your newly digitized files in a cloud based account of your choosing or purchase one of our SAR flash drives.
  • Photocopies and images are to be used for research purposes only. The copyright law of the United States (Title 17 U.S. Code) governs the making of photocopies or other reproductions of copyrighted material. Persons taking their own photos or using our equipment are liable for any infringement.
  • Laptop computers are allowed in the Library. Free wireless Internet is available. Electrical outlets are available at each table.
  • The SAR Library’s collection is non-circulating; therefore no books or other references may be taken from the Library.
  • Smoking, food, gum, and beverages are prohibited in the Library.
  • Please silence all cell phones, pagers, and other devices while in the Library.
  • Children under the age of 14 must be accompanied by an adult at all times.
  • Restrooms are located on the first floor behind the lobby reception desk. Please do not take library books or materials into the restrooms.
  • SAR Library staff members reserve the right to inspect all materials leaving the Library.

Collection Highlights

Computers with Internet access are available for use by library patrons. These computers offer free (on-site) access to research databases, such as:

  • The SAR Library Catalog: Available for FREE from anywhere and contains links to many digital editions.
  •  – Affiliate Library with access to 500 million+ images not available from home.
  • Newspaper Archive
  • American Ancestors by the New England Historic Genealogical Society
  • Accessible Archives
  • Gale Genealogy Connect: a searchable collection of 189 titles pertaining to the American Revolution as well as individual state and patriot contributions to the Revolutionary War.  Also available to SAR members from home (login required). SAR members who have successfully logged in will find this collection under the Members tab.
  • Gale American Revolution Database: Consisting of 450 titles, this archive focuses on a diversity of issues through a wealth of original documentary material; allowing the reader to examine economics and international relations, contemporary religion and science, and the strategies and battlefield realities of combatants on both sides of the conflict. Also available to SAR members from home (login required). SAR members who have successfully logged in will find this collection under the Members tab.

The SAR Patriot Research System can also be searched on the Library’s computers or at home for FREE which allows users to search for a Revolutionary War Patriot’s name to see if any member of the SAR has had an application approved based on his ancestor’s service and direct lineal connection to the member. Official Record Copies can be ordered directly through this site – just look for the green buttons.

Please note: Most SAR applications, National from 1889 through 1996, are available on microfilm in the Library. SAR applications 1889 – 1970 are accessible online via The SAR Library’s catalog is available online as well as on the patron computers found within the Library. The most-accessed books are:

  • Family Histories – arranged in alphabetical order by surname. Call numbers begin with CS71. (Note: Some family histories are on microfiche, so check the library catalog for sources available.)
  • Books pertaining to States’ records – grouped by state, and within each state, books are arranged in the following order: periodicals, general, counties (alphabetical), towns (alphabetical). Call numbers begin with F.
  • Rare Books: The SAR Library is home to many early histories and biographies that cover the Revolutionary period. The library is also home to the George Washington Book Collection, the George Rogers Clark Collection, the Marquis de Lafayette Collection, and the full Draper Manuscript Collection on microfilm.
  • Library Configuration: First floor, beginning left of entrance, books are arranged in alphabetical order according to call number (beginning with call number A). They then proceed to the end of that wall and begin again across that end of the room and back to the front of the right wall. Then the call numbers pick up again in the same order upstairs on the Mezzanine Level at left front, proceeding around that level in the same “clockwise” order.

New: Preservation Station!

This new service is provided for FREE to all visitors under General Admission structure – and includes: Consultation with professional archivists on how to best care for your family collections along with access to our new digitization equipment for digital conversion. Archival supplies for physical storage and care may be obtained via additional donation tier. For those unable to visit in person, we now offer half hour virtual Archival Preservation Consultations via Zoom! For more information, please see our Research Services Page.

Current formats supported via digitization equipment: Photos, documents, slides/transparencies, cassette. **NOTE** Personal flash drives are NOT permitted when using our equipment. You will need to store your newly digitized files in a cloud based account of your choosing or purchase one of our SAR flash drives.

Archival supplies available through donation tier structure: document/heirloom boxes, folders, photo sleeves, document protectors, gloves, negative sleeves, plastic paper clips, tissue paper, magnifying glass, photo wipes, etc.