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Since the mid-1980s, the Louisville Genealogical Society’s Jane Turner Hamm Library has faithfully served genealogy researchers in the Louisville region. For most of its existence it was graciously housed in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints’ building on Hurstbourne Ave. With upcoming building renovations planned, LGS decided to close their library permanently. But what happens to all the books when a library closes its doors? They need to find a home for all of them.

With that in mind – drum roll please….

The SAR Library is delighted to announce that we were chosen as the new home for their wonderful collection!

And that’s not all! In order to access this new home for their books, active/current members of LGS will also receive FREE admission to the SAR Library!

So – how many books are we talking? This one new donation increases the SAR library holdings by 800+ titles! Back in February, we also picked up half of the genealogy library owned by the Hurstbourne LDS facility (across the hall from the LGS library), which means we have increased our collection by over a thousand books within the past few months!

Our staff went over to the Church to retrieve the books this morning, which filled up 2 SUVs and a small car (Thanks to Todd, Walker, & Cheri). While they have arrived safely in their new home, it will take us several months to get things cataloged and added to the shelves. Be watching our “New Additions” slide show on the catalog landing page as new titles get added. As for the overall make-up of the collection, these new books will help us fill in gaps for several states: Maryland, Missouri, Virginia, South Carolina, Kentucky, Indiana, Ohio, etc. Along with these come several family history titles, Revolutionary War compiled lists, and general research methodology.

The SAR Library would like to send out special thanks to: Jim Maples, Tom Mercer, Cheri Daniels, Walker Byer, Donna Broster, Todd Bale, Penny Weller, and Mike Dittoe for pulling this together!

Here’s a glimpse of the move from earlier today:

Packing up the LGS Library: L-R SAR Librarian, Walker Byer, SAR Executive Director, Todd Bale, LGS Librarian, Donna Broster.


Empty shelves: LGS Assistant Librarian, Penny Weller


Just one of the full SUVs as we piled in the books!
Unloading the small car: L-R, SAR Executive Director, Todd Bale, SAR Registrar, Jon Toon.
Heave-ho into the SAR! L-R SAR Registrar, Jon Toon & SAR Executive Director, Todd Bale.
Surprise! Look what I just pulled out of the car! SAR Director of Library & Archives, Cheri Daniels.
Temporary new home in SAR Archival Storage, awaiting cataloging and processing: SAR Librarian, Walker Byer.